Friday, July 19, 2013

Corporate reputation and corporate responsibility are inseparable

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) remains a misunderstood and sometimes controversial issue in the corporate world. Many at times, CSR has led to the cancellation of communications contracts with agencies. Internally, CSR team managers and Foundation Heads have always battled with their marketing counterparts to show who adds value to the organization.
When asked about why they engage in CSR, many organizations have cited interesting reasons for this engagement including, marketplace pressure, brand value, and risk management.
After a long chat with Carole Kimutai, the editor the Management magazine, and also a blogger about this issue, she bestowed some editorial powers upon me to engage their readers on this highly misunderstood Public Relations facet.

I will allow you to read part of the article below, for the rest, walk into any mall and get the latest issue of Management Magazine

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