Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Using events to sustain brand communication

It’s over two weeks since the great departure, a departure that was filled with sighs, but not of relief. A departure that marked the end of two great days that were packed with tonnes of inspirational and eye opening conversations. A weekend that we played host to our very own son, the leader of the free world, President Obama.

We were good hosts: KNUT opted to remain silent, COTU went on ‘leave’, we quashed the Al Shabaab to smithereens hopefully and to cap it all we had artificial turf. Sorry, I meant Kidero grass.
The Global Entrepreneurship Summit was fruitful but before we could settle, it had come and gone. And as they say, “a good time was had by all.” Now, all the brands that played can bask in the post-event glory. But is that sufficient for the millions that you pumped into this milestone event?
As a brand custodian, if you succeeded in delivering an event that combined relevant learning experiences with quality networking sessions, your attendees have left feeling energised and enthusiastic about everything that transpired. As a result, attendees as well as the public are keen on what will happen next. As a brand this is not the time to take a break; while the appetite for information is high, feed that post-conference enthusiasm!
By now we know the winners from the summit, the amazing entrepreneurship journey, the organisations that promised to support entrepreneurs and even the investors that showed interest in the different sectors. This is the right time to focus on their stories. Optimise the goodwill that you had created with the media partner during the summit to highlight the success stories through media interviews, special features or even guest blogs.
For the young entrepreneurs, it’s time to start documenting their journeys now. What happens to Judith Owigar and Akira chix after the Ksh154 million funds injection? Who qualifies for the funds that Chase Bank promised to local entrepreneurs? What are the focus sectors? All these questions are potential content generators for the post-summit communication.
The media will definitely be the perfect conduit for these rich messages. However, tactical forums with well mapped stakeholders can also help in entrenching the brand and creating a lasting connection with the first ever Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Africa. Probably, it’s time to start a Kenya techprenuers Summit sponsored by Chase Bank or Kenya Knowledge Exporter Forum courtesy of Kenya Ports Authority.

The moral of the story? Begin with the end in mind for creating a complete event promotion strategy that includes engagement methods that target your audience after the event. The post-conference glow fades fast once we return to the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. Nurture that enthusiasm by providing value that extends beyond the conference dates.  Your efforts will keep your brand top of mind and create a compelling reason for attendees to engage you.
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