Friday, June 19, 2015

Kenyan PR blogger resurrects

Blogging is not one of the easiest routines, nobody was honest enough to tell me that when I decided to blog. I have had to find out after nine years of blogging. Honestly I still find it hard to blog consistently, probably because I chose not to go for the hard news kind of blogs.
After discussing this with a number of bloggers I admire in our local space. Kachwanya and Reyhab you hear me!!! I decided to come up with a strategy that will address the issue of consistency and deadlines for my blog.
The strategy is simple, really simple, for the next many months, I will be attached to Business Today, a leading online business publication in East Africa. Basically, every week I will be sharing learning’s about communication, brands, Public Relations, Public Relations and Public Relations. Let’s just say I will be blogging about integrated communication.

Again welcome to long lost Young PR Kenya,

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