Monday, December 8, 2014

An Award Winning PR Practitioner it is...

It will amount to self-destructing if I don’t blog about this... Anyway, last week on Friday, 5th November 2014, Redhouse Group scored again!!! MediaEdge Public Relations, one of the country’s youngest PR agencies, scooped the PR Excellence Award for Sponsorship Campaign of the Year.  Dubbed ‘Fashion Goes to Golf’ the winning entry was put together by a team of three brilliant and perky ladies that I have enjoyed working with on this account under the tutelage of one Maureen Sande. Suzanne, Emily and Yvonne rummaged through our previous reports to put together an entry that was characterized by deep understanding of the role of research in communication and well documented evidence showcasing what the team had done to get golf out of its shell and showcase Barclays Kenya Open as an event worth attending for both golf enthusiasts and fashionistas.
To get little bit technical for fellow practitioners, this year’s Barclays Kenya Open PR campaign went beyond the traditional sports media relations and golfer interaction to create engagement with Media Owners, lifestyle and entertainment media (and the audience that they bring) as well as community through integrating messaging on Barclays’ flagship CSR program.
In a nutshell, the MediaEdge PR team basically brought a fresh twist to the 2014 Barclays Kenya Open Golf tourney, which has always been perceived – and covered – purely as a sporting event profiling it as lifestyle event with a tinge of human interest too.  Remember the light up Kenya campaign launched by Barclay’s a few months ago? Well, all the funds raised during the tourney will go towards lighting up the country with solar lamps.
The annual Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) Awards for Excellence fetes PR agencies and corporate organizations for exemplary campaigns executed in each year.  The Sponsorship Campaign of the Year category considers campaigns that leveraged brand sponsorship assets to demonstrably support business objectives and community engagement.

Once more… here’s to celebrating the award winning practitioners!

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