Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Effective use of PR; My excuses combined with Mysterious Men and Costumes

I certainly believe that we all know that Pressure is a word that is misused in our vocabulary. According to my mentor, when you start thinking of pressure, it's because you've started to think of failure or defeat. For this particular case, allow me to use work pressure as one of the reasons why my blog has been inactive for quite some time now.

My plunge back to agency continues to be interesting; I have handled tasks that my previous job couldn't have offered me the opportunity to do. As we speak am struggling to figure out how one can engage the public with a condom brand without necessarily encouraging promiscuity. One of the most ridiculous things is how i have saved my client’s name on the phone.  I wonder what will happen when i have to pick that emergency request call from them at night.

On the industry front,  Kenyan PR practitioners have started putting together their entries for the 2013 PRSK Awards ,  without a doubt 2013 is the year many of us have felt the role of our society. Apart from the insightful forums they organised they have put together the 2013 PRSK summit themed 
PR & Communication Management: New Challenges, New Opportunities.

This Summit will hopefully provide a forum for reviewing and redefining the potential of the profession as the country makes transformational strides and ushers in Kenya@50.

This is not my specialty but while we were (Kenyans) figuring out who had imported a whole container of bizarre items (later on it was confirmed they were Halloween costumes) some brilliant minds rolled out a marketing campaign with mysteriously clothed men and signs that have been showing up in different locations around the world. Some have been spotted on streets, mountains and even stadiums.

I hope and pray that they will not show up in Kasarani Stadium during the Gor and Ingwe Kenyan soccer derby because we will have to first figure out who paid those witches to finish our teams respectively.
Before i call it a day, allow me to share with you this lovely article on PR courtesy of The Star.

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