Thursday, August 9, 2012

Making The client To Cling On Your Agency.

In a bid to understand clients who are born in Neptune; I interviewed a number of clients whom I had worked with before and came up with the following key things that PR clients expect from their agencies/Consultant.

Personal contact

In any cross communication scenario relationships are more favorable when the agency and client have more human presence rather than an organizational presence. Levels of trust, commitment, and satisfaction from both parties will be positively affected by different personality. While most clients thrive on pressure to agency, my prior experience has revealed that you are likely to get better results from Agency if you understand the personality of your account managers and also let them understand your  thought trail too.

Strategic thinking

Strategic thinking is a way of having that external eye on a business, understanding their fundamental drivers and rigorously (and playfully) challenging conventional thinking about them, in conversation with others.Most clients know how to ‘traditionally’ deal with their different stakeholders and any mentions of press conferences, advertorials, media training is pure fuzz. As a consultant you should focuses on finding and developing unique opportunities to create value by enabling a provocative and creative dialogue among people who can affect a company’s direction.

Tactical execution

Execution has to do with first understanding your client and what is important to him or her, why they think and feel the way they do, and what they believe. (How they feel about investing in the brand without expecting instant results; After all the business isn’t as easy like putting together a cup of strong coffee; how they feel about leaving a legacy, Simply, it’s what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to. It’s the meaningful delivery of your unique marketing message.

As the agency you are the implementers of the entire plan, i.e., generating leads, sending press releases, creating marketing tools, and instituting a follow-up system. You are the sole owners of the contact sheet. Your aim is to meet your KPI’s that means when the client digresses and focuses on internal issues you need to keep him in check on the PR plan.

Industry-specific expertise

Despite your diversified client base the agency need to have a customer a focused approach in that if the client is  in Telecommunication you need to get a few members of the team to have a broad understanding of the ICT sector as a whole, This will enable you to provide trade-specific technical and regulatory expertise that are aligned with the business.


One’s ability to do the job properly is a key ingredient in client management. The combination of knowledge, skills and behavior will help to improve performance and influence your day to day PR jobs.

Straight talk

Uprightness of character or action. The modern client understands the profession, he or she has had a chance to interact with other PR agencies before or even the media directly. You would rather be honest with your media plans that promising heavens when delivering the hanging nimbus clouds will be impossible.


Results-oriented individuals PRO’s are focused on making things happen. You find them in the middle of successful projects digging up the road blocks and greasing the wheels. As a results-oriented PR practitioner you figure out how to get the right results, no matter the challenges faced. Budget constraints are here to stay, but can you milk some results out of that tight budget given by client?


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