Friday, April 16, 2010

Trappng the Kenyan consumer

Today I have decided to visit the advertising world and after hobnobbing with one of the youngest Creative Director in Kenya, we have come up with the twelve commandments of locking in the Kenyan consumer

Security-We all have a need to feel secure. We buy a home for security. We put money into a savings account, contribute to pension funds and buy insurance for security.

Possessions-Kenyans like to buy and own things. Some people might consider possessions as a measure of personal worth regardless of the means of acquisition.

Copy cats and Me too’s.-We buy many things just because we see others buying them. We don’t like to be different – it’s one of the strongest appeals.

Good health-We spend alot of money on products and services to satisfy a desire for good health.

Sexual and romantic drives-Many personal grooming products, how-to books and services are sold with these appeals in mind.

Curiosity-We’re attracted to new products and unusual imagery. “New!” is a frequent appeal in advertisements. We are naturally interested in things outside the ordinary. This motivator may not necessarily sell something, but it does get attention.

Love of beauty-Tastes in “beauty” may vary between cultures and generations, but a desire for beauty – in music, art, literature, personal appearance, etc. – burns deep in us all.

Play and relaxation-.We take trips, buy toys, join clubs and much more in order to satisfy this desire.
Feel important-People will often buy all sorts of products and services because ownership makes them feel important.

Physical pleasure and comfort.-We like comfortable beds, warm homes, bubble bath, lounge chairs; personal products and such that give us pleasure and make us comfortable.

Love of others-We buy many products for the people and pets we love.

Avoid discomforts-Often we spend a lot of money to avoid both real and imagined discomforts and inconveniences: e.g., insect repellants, service agreements, and household products.

Up to you now… what will make an ad tick for you?


Philip said...

I think you should also include love for old fashion........we are back to tight jeans,checked trousers,Afros Makmende characters...Kenyans loves redoing old fashion

mike said...
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Anonymous said...

good start