Thursday, September 6, 2007

The speech a kenyan MP will never read

As you are aware the general elections are just around the corner, the time has therefore come for me to communicate with you as you prepare to elect your member of parliament.

I know some of you will ask why I am talking to you now and why I never did that in the five years you elected me.

The truth of the matter is that an MP is a very busy man. Once he is elected it is his primary duty to attend parliament, participate in debate and vote on important government bills. An M.P must also make himself a dignified man so as to maintain the respect of his constituents and his fellow MPs. He must also involve himself in national issues and not merely local affairs which can be handled by ordinary people at the local level. The above vital tasks have kept me in Nairobi and the other major towns are as a result I did not find time to visit the constituency as much as I would have liked.

The other thing is that it was my fortune to be appointed as a minister in our government of national unity .This is a great honour to our constituency and one major reason why you should vote me back to parliament, you surely do not wish to see a vital important ministry like the one I head going elsewhere, do you? Imagine the ignominy of it.

I know that there will be many people coming to you and filling you with false information about me. They will come to you and feed you with sweet talk, some may even buy you beer and some other form of Inducement, to these I would only advocate for total rejection .They do not have the interests of our beloved country at heart, they are only ambitious people looking for self advancement and glorification.

I have heard the allegations that since I ‘entered’ parliament, I have spent most of my time accumulation wealth. An MP should always set example to his own constituents. I had to be wealthy so that you my people can see me and emulate my good example and thus become wealthy.

The other thing is that an MP is expected to pay school fees costs for upcountry funeral ceremonies and he is also expected to lead a style of life that reflects his position in the society. How else can an MP and especially a minister in this case do this by accumulating a certain amount of wealth?

Now let us turn to development in our own constituency. There are romours that I have not participated fully in this, but as you know we now have two harambee schools and a nursery school in every village. I know some people will say that this was as a result of the CDF which was not my brain child, but I must add that I look with pride at these institutions of learning.

During my term as your M.P one road in the constituency has been tarmacked: rumour- mongers will tell you that this is in accordance with the development plan of the government but am sure that you my loyal constituents will not believe them it was because of my insistence lobbying that this road was tarmacked.If you look right behind you, you can see electric poles a clear sign that there will be light soon.

Now I finally come to the reason why you should vote me back to parliament .first I have already made my mark and it is likely that I will get a ministerial post again .Secondly I have now learnt parliamentary procedures and am not likely to get into trouble with the speaker and finally I have now accumulated enough wealth and do need any more. If elected I will devote all my time and energy to the constituency.

The last thing you want is to elect a new man or woman who will spend the next five years trying to do what I have been doing .One last thing I have never fallen asleep in parliament and if elected I promise not to.

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